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there are many. George Orwell's 1984 is one

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I often questioned if reading tldr books would be worth it since recalling a lot of info in it would be difficult but I am glad I came across this post that encourages me to take it on. I think of it as gaining muscle with a progressive overload or harder workouts when you hit the gym.

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Intriguing post. This is why I read most books with a pencil in hand, jotting dots or lines next to striking or informative passages. When I go back to the book, I can easily find them again. (Not great for deep reading / re-reading to find new meaning, but there you go.)

I don't find that reading long tedious difficult books makes it easier for me to remember things. Quite the opposite. I didn't understand what I read of The World as Will and Representation and consequently don't remember much. I remember most from books where I already have some knowledge, say of a historical period, and the new information is thus intelligible and slots in easily. Redundancy on the other hand is helpful for making an idea stick, good practice if the idea is relevant and, especially, actionable, otherwise just boring.

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