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Mar 27, 2023·edited Mar 27, 2023

I find this piece so fascinating and would love to have a more detailed conversation with you about this next time I see you!

I have been a monogamous person for my whole life and I am in a deeply monogamous long-term relationship. I've never had any intention of opening up my relationship, but I've been curious about polyamory recently. Not for any of the reasons mentioned in this piece, though. I've actually been curious about how polyamorous relationships open up possibilities for growth in so many different situations.

It's been said by many philosophical leaders as well as many professionals in modern day psychology that the most growth we can access as human beings is found in romantic relationships. I wonder what it would be like to explore different forms of romantic relationships with different people at the same time - what could that do for our emotional and cognitive evolution (which I believe are directly intertwined)?

Of course, for this to be done, it has to be done consciously. A partner can not simply be filling a need that another partner isn't. The "additional" relationships would have to be adding to what already is for this to even have a chance to propel growth for all individuals involved consciously, in my opinion.

Anyways, just something that gets me thinking these days ...🤔🧐 Great article! I find this topic so fascinating and love reading what others think of it.

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